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Chongqing Hongyan building machinery manufacturing limited liability company (formerly Hongyan machinery plant construction machinery factory) is located in northern suburb of Chongqing City, is located in the scenic resort - known as the "small Eastern Sichuan Emei" Jinyun Mountain the Jialing River, the company is the Ministry of construction in the southwest area designated for the production of construction lifting machine backbone enterprises, and the first to obtain the Ministry of Construction issued by the construction elevator production license. Is now the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, China Construction Machinery Branch of the association and the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the board of directors of the user, and to participate in the construction of the national standards for the validation. Is the quality and safety of special equipment inspection center of Chongqing city set the southwest area only antifalling safety point detection unit. Since 1985, the company began to develop production and construction lifts, has formed SS, SCD, SC, Q-SCD four series of more than a variety of lifts, the maximum use height of 300 meters, can achieve vertical, tilt, curve type operation, widely used in high-rise buildings, bridges, power plants, TV Tower, blast furnace and other buildings in the construction, maintenance and maintenance of construction personnel, construction materials, etc..
Q-SCD cable-stayed bridge, cable inspection car and JXC series of the main girder of the bridge and the anchor head inspection car is company application of construction hoist and crane technology development development is mainly used for oblique pulling bridge tower, anchor and cable inspection, maintenance and repair of special equipment. Tower of Q-SCD Sawyer inspection car launched in 1995, 96 years through the Chongqing Municipal identification of new products and won national "utility model patent", patent No. ZL97207784.7. At present, the product has been widely used in various domestic cable-stayed bridge, by users. The product has been upgraded and has been realized for the automatic detection of cable or wireless remote control of the cable.
Electric lifting type decoration machinery -- ZLP80 series high operating basket apply to all kinds of high-rise buildings, bridges, dams and exterior wall construction, decoration, maintenance and other high-altitude operations. The product design is reasonable, simple operation, demolition shift is convenient, safe and reliable by curtain wall installation, plaster veneer, paint, paint coating, cleaning and maintenance, and other industry users welcome.
Company has strong technical force, with a sound quality system, complete testing equipment, advanced production technology, rich manufacturing, installation, maintenance, maintenance, transformation experience. "Jeddah" brand is a registered trademark of products, leading products SCD200/200 since 1996, four consecutive times (twelve years) by China Association for quality management of engineering machinery branch and China Construction machinery and equipment user evaluation committee for "satisfied with the products and after-sales service satisfaction unit", China Association for quality management of engineering machinery branch has been rated as the national construction machinery industry "BrandName production enterprise" and "quality benefit enterprise".
Companies adhere to the "leader in science and technology, high quality and efficiency, customer first, good faith compliance" of the quality policy, the establishment of a complete quality management system through the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification. The company also launched the construction lift rental service. "Jeddah" brand construction elevator to its unique section of standard section 710 x 710 and diameter of 89 seamless pipe structure and special attachment device the has a good stability and reliability to the users love. The company abide by the "credibility first, quality first, customer first" commitment, adhere to the product to win the new, quality to win, the price to win, service to win the business principles, dedicated to provide customers with the products.



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